In July 1973.

In July 1973, “Brain” label released “Double Diamond”, the sixth If album. It was recorded in 1973, at “The Manor Studios” in Shipton-on-Cherwell in Oxfordshire, England, and was produced by Lew Futterman.


  • Dick Morrissey– lead and backing vocals, tenor and alto saxophones, flute
  • Steve Rosenthal – lead and backing vocals, guitar
  • Pete Arnesen – piano, organ, synthesizer, backing vocals
  • Fi Trench- piano, backing vocals
  • Kurt Palomaki – bass, backing vocals
  • Cliff Davies- drums, percussion, backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. Play, Play, Play – Dick Morrissey, Kurt Palomaki
  2. Pebbles on the Beach – Dick Morrissey, B. Morrissey
  3. Pick Me Up (And Put Me Back on the Road) – Cliff Davies
  4. Another Time Around (Is Not for Me) – Cliff Davies
  5. Groupie Blue (Every Day She’s Got the Blues) – Dick Morrissey, T. Preston
  6. Fly, Fly, The Route, Shoot – Kurt Palomaki
  7. Feel Thing Part 1 – Pete Arnesen
  8. Feel Thing Part 2 – Pete Arnesen
  9. Feel Thing Part 3 – Pete Arnesen

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