On June 22, 1998.

On June 22, 1998, “4AD” label released “Ft. Lake” (Fort Lake), the fifth His Name Is Alive album. It was recorded 1997 – 1998 and was produced by Steve King, Chad Gilchrist, Erika Hoffmann, Karin Oliver, Lovetta Pippen, Scott Goldstein, Trey Many and, Warn Defever.


  • Chad Gilchrist – performer
  • Erika Hoffmann – performer
  • Karin Oliver – performer
  • Lovetta Pippen – performer
  • Scott Goldstein – performer
  • Trey Many – performer
  • Warn Defever – performer
  • Andy Krieger – performer
  • Dara – performer
  • Jake – performer
  • Zack – performer
  • Vaughan Oliver – art direction, design
  • Timothy O’Donnell – design
  • Dominic Davies – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Chad Gilchrist, Erika Hoffmann, Karin Oliver, Lovetta Pippen, Scott Goldstein, Trey Many and Warn Defever.

  1. Don’t Glue the World
  2. Everything Takes Forever
  3. The Waitress
  4. No Hiding Place Down Her
  5. Can’t Always Be Loved
  6. Wish I Had a Wishing Ring
  7. Red Haired Girl
  8. Spirit Needs a Spirit Tool
  9. Up Your Legs Forever
  10. How It’s Gotta Be
  11. Always Turn Me On
  12. Rock & Roll Girl from Rock & Roll City
  13. Last American Blues


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