In June 1970.

In June 1970, “Parrot Records” label released “Defrosted”, the second Frijid Pink studio album. It was recorded in 1970, at “Media Sound Studios” in New York City, and was produced by Pink Unlimited.


  • Kelly Green (Tom Beaudry) – vocals, cowbell
  • Gary Ray Thompson – lead and rhythm guitars
  • Larry Zelanka – keyboards
  • Tom Harris – bass
  • Richard Stevers – drums, tympani

Track listing:

All tracks by Gary Ray Thompson and Tom Beaudry, except where noted.

  1. Black Lace
  2. Sing A Song For Freedom – Gary Ray Thompson, Tom Beaudry, Richard Stevers
  3. I’ll Never Be Lonely – Gary Ray Thompson, Tom Beaudry, Tom Harris
  4. Bye Bye Blues
  5. Pain In My Heart
  6. Sloony – Gary Ray Thompson, Tom Harris, Richard Stevers
  7. I’m Movin’
  8. I Haven’t Got The Time

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