On April 17, 1996.

On April 17, 1996, “Toshiba EMI” label released “True Obsessions”, the fourth Marty Friedman studio album. It was recorded November 1995 – February 1996, at “Far Planet Studios” in Los Angeles,”Jai Winding Studios” in Santa Monica, California, “Vintage Recorders,” in Phoenix, Arizona, “Wilkinson Productions” in Sun Valley, Los Angeles, and was produced by Marty Friedman and Steve Fontano.


  • Marty Friedman– guitar, synthesizer
  • Stanley Rose – vocals
  • Brian BecVar – keyboard, piano
  • Nick Menza– drums
  • Greg Bissonette– drums
  • Carmine Appice– drums
  • Tony Franklin– bass
  • Jimmy Haslip– bass
  • Alex Wilkinson – orchestralinstrumentation, percussion
  • Tom Gattis – background vocals
  • Steve Fontano – engineering, mixing
  • Zach Blackstone – mixing
  • Mike Tacci – mixing
  • Ryan Dorn – engineering
  • Brian Kinkel – engineering
  • Billy Moss – engineering
  • Larry Jacobson – engineering
  • Wally Traugott – mastering

Track listing:

All tracks by Marty Friedman except where noted.

  1. Rock Box
  2. Espionage
  3. Last September – Steve Fontano, Marty Friedman, Stanley Rose
  4. Intoxicated
  5. Shine on Me
  6. Hands of Time
  7. Rio
  8. Live and Learn – Steve Fontano, Marty Friedman, Stenley Rose
  9. Glowing Path
  10. The Yearning
  11. Farewell

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