On April 11, 2000.

On April 11, 2000, “Narada” label released “Waters of Eden”, the second Tony Levin album. It was recorded 1999 – 2000, and was produced by Tony Levin and Artie Traum.


  • Tony Levin – Music Manelectric bass, fretless bass, NS electric upright bass, NS electric cello, engineer
  • Warren Bernhardt– piano, engineer
  • California Guitar Trio– acoustic guitars
  • Larry Fast– synthesizer, engineer
  • Steve Gorn– bansuri flute, engineer
  • Pete Levin – synthesizer
  • Jerry Marotta– percussion, drums, Taos drum, engineer
  • Jeff Pevar – acoustic and electric guitars, engineer
  • David Sancious– synthesizer, piano, virtual soprano saxophone
  • David Torn– acoustic and electric guitars, electric oud, loops, drum processing
  • David Bottrill – mixing
  • David Tom – Engineer
  • Robert Frazza – engineer
  • Brandon Mason – engineer, assistant engineer
  • Trevor Sadler – mastering

Tracks listing:

All tracks by Tony Levin.

  1. Bone & Flesh
  2. Waters of Eden
  3. Icarus
  4. Gecko Walk
  5. Belle
  6. Pillar of Fire
  7. Boulevard of Dreams
  8. Opal Road
  9. Utopia

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