Joan As Police Woman: The Classic

On March 10, 2014, “PIAS” label released “The Classic”, the fifth Joan As Police Woman (Joan Wasser) studio album. It was recorded in 2013, at “Ground Control Studios”, “Maid’s Room Studios”, “Trout Recording” and “Vibromonk”, and was produced by Joan Wasser and Tyler Wood.


  • Joan Wasser– vocals, guitar, strings, clavinet, electric piano
  • Oren Bloedow – guitar
  • Tyler Wood – bass guitar, electronic organ, trumpet, piano, synthesizer, percussion, backing vocals
  • Parker Kindred – drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Doug Wieselman – baritone and tenor saxophone
  • Briggan Krauss – alto and baritone saxophone
  • Steven Bernstein – trumpet, French horn
  • Joseph Arthur, Nathan Larson, Michelle Zayla, Stephanie McKay, Toshi Reagon – backing vocals
  • Reggie Watts– outro on “Holy City”, human beatbox
  • Tyler Wood  – engineer, mixing
  • Murray Trider  – engineer
  • Jack McKeever & TJ Doherty  – engineer
  • Adam Sachs  – engineer, mixing
  • Dan Shatzky  – engineer
  • Lance Scott Walker – design
  • Stephanie Sidjakov – design, photography
  • Dan Monick – cover photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Joan Wasser.

  1. Witness
  2. Holy City
  3. The Classic
  4. Good Together
  5. Get Direct
  6. What Would You Do
  7. New Year’s Day
  8. Shame
  9. Stay
  10. Ask Me

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