Harmonium: Same

On February 20, 1974, “PolyGram” label released the self – titled, debut Harmonium album. It was recorded in January 1974, and was produced by Bob Morten.


  • Serge Fiori– lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Michel Normandeau – acoustic guitar, backing vocals
  • Louis Valois – bass guitar
  • Rejean Emond – drums
  • Alan Penfold – flugelhorn

Track listing:

  • Harmonium – Serge Fiori, Michel Normandeau
  • Si doucement – Serge Fiori
  • Aujourd’hui, je dis bonjour à la vie – Serge Fiori
  • Vieilles courroies – Serge Fiori, Michel Normandeau
  • Attends-moi – Serge Fiori, Michel Normandeau
  • Pour un instant – Serge Fiori, Michel Normandeau
  • De la chambre au salon – Serge Fiori
  • Un musicien parmi tant d’autres – Serge Fiori

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