On October 6, 2008.

On October 6, 2008, “Merge” label released “OH (Ohio)”, the tenth Lambchop album. It was recorded in 2006, at “Haptown and House of David” in Nashville, and was produced by Roger Moutenot and Mark Nevers.


  • Kurt Wagner – vocals, acoustic and electric guitar
  • Ryan Norris – electronics, guitar, loops, organ, prepared piano, vibraphone
  • Tony Crow – piano, synthesizer, Wurlitzer
  • Scott Martin – drums, percussion, synthesizer
  • Jonathan Marx – electronics
  • Alex McManus – acoustic and electric guitars
  • William Tyler – acoustic and electric guitars
  • Matt Swanson – bass
  • Roy Agee – trombone
  • Denis Solee – woodwind
  • Marty Slayton – background vocals
  • Roger Moutenot – engineer
  • Mark Nevers – engineer, mixing
  • Jim DeMain – mastering
  • Michael Peed – paintings

Track listing:

  1. Ohio
  2. Slipped, Dissolved and Loosed
  3. I’m Thinking of a Number (Between 1 and 2)
  4. National Talk Like a Pirate Day
  5. A Hold of You
  6. Sharing a Gibson with Martin Luther King, Jr.
  7. Of Raymond
  8. Please Rise
  9. Popeye
  10. Close Up and Personal
  11. I Believe in You

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