On July 29, 1997.

On July 29, 1997, “Sony Music” label released “Fabulosos Calavera” the eleventh Los Fabulosos Cadillacs album. It was recorded 1996 – 1997, and was produced by K.C. Porter.


  • Vicentico– vocals
  • Flavio Cianciarulo– bass
  • Ariel Minimal – guitar
  • Mario Siperman – keyboards
  • Fernando Ricciardi – drums
  • Gerardo Rotblat – percussion
  • Rubén Blades- vocals
  • Sergio Rotman – alto saxophone
  • Daniel Lozano – trumpet,flugelhorn
  • Fernando Albareda – trombone

Track listing:

All tracks by Flavio Cianciarulo, except where noted.

  1. El Muerto (The Deadman)
  2. Surfer Calavera (Skull Surfer)
  3. El Carnicero de Giles/Sueño (The Butcher of Giles/Dream) – Vicentico, Flavio Cianciarulo
  4. Sábato
  5. Howen – Fernando Ricciardi
  6. A Amigo J.V. (To Friend J.V.) – Vicentico
  7. Hoy Lloré Canción (Today I Cried Song) – Flavio Cianciarulo, Rubén Blades
  8. Calaveras y Diablitos (Skulls and Little Devils)
  9. Il Pajarito (The Little Bird) – Vicentico
  10. Niño Diamante (Diamond Child) – Vicentico
  11. Piazzolla
  12. Amnesia – Sergio Rotman
  13. D.R.B. (En Busca Eterna) (A.D.R.B. (In Eternal Search)) – Vicentico

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