On July 22, 2016.

On November 22, 2016,“Mono vs Stereo” label released “Air for Free”, the eighth Relient K studio album. It was recorded in 2016, and was produced by Mark Lee Townsend.


  • Matt Thiessen– lead vocals, piano, guitar, ukulele, trumpet, programming
  • Matt Hoopes– guitars, omnichord, keyboard, trumpet, Boss HC-2 percussion synth, background vocals
  • Dave Douglas– drums, background vocals
  • Tom Breyfogle – drums, percussion
  • Mark Lee Townsend– bass, guitar, background vocals, producer, recording engineer
  • Bill Mitchell – additional guitars
  • Roger Bissell – trombone
  • Brandon Calderon – trombone
  • Jake Germany – Boss HC-2, additional background vocals
  • AJ Babcock – additional background vocals
  • Austin Cunningham – additional background vocals
  • Billy Raffoul – additional background vocals
  • Lisa Goe – additional background vocals
  • Tiffany Fernandez – additional background vocals
  • David A. Terry – mastering
  • Jake Germany – art direction, design
  • Josh Ness – photography
  • Brandon McGowan – graphics

Track listing:

  1. Untitled (piano version of “Marigold”; only on CD release of album, hidden in pregap)
  2. Bummin
  3. Local Construction
  4. Hippopotamuses
  5. Cat
  6. Man
  7. Air for Free
  8. God
  9. Elephant Parade
  10. Mountaintop
  11. Sleepin’
  12. Empty House
  13. Flower
  14. Marigold
  15. Runnin’
  16. Prodigal
  17. Heartache

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