On June 6, 2006.

On June 6, 2006, “Cooking Vinyl” label released “Greenland”, the seventh Cracker  studio album. It was recorded in 2006, and was produced by David Lowery, John Morand and Mark Linkous.


  • David Lowery– vocals, guitar
  • Johnny Hickman– vocals, lead guitar
  • Victor Krummenacher– vocals, bass
  • Frank Funaro– drums

Track listing:

All tracks by David Lowery, except for where noted.

  1. Something You Ain’t Got – Rob McCutcheon, Zac Ray, Dwight Young
  2. Maggie
  3. Where Have Those Days Gone? – David Lowery, Matt Durant
  4. Fluffy Lucy
  5. The Riverside
  6. Gimme One More Chance – David Lowery, David Immerglück
  7. I’m So Glad She Ain’t Never Coming Back – David Lowery, David Immerglück, Johnny Hickman
  8. Sidi Ifni – David Lowery, Johnny Hickman
  9. I Need Better Friends
  10. Minotaur
  11. Night Falls – David Lowery, Johnny Hickman
  12. Better Times Are Coming Our Way
  13. Everybody Gets One for Free – David Lowery, Johnny Hickman, Matt Durant, Stephen Koester
  14. Darling, We’re Out of Time – David Lowery, Matt Durant


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