On May 20, 1996.

On May 20, 1996, “Nox Music” label released “Stare”, the third Gorky Park album. It was recorded 1995 – 1996, at “MIR Studios” in Los Angeles, “GDRZ Studio – 5” in Moscow, and was produced by Alexandre “Big Sasha” Minkov, Alexei Belov, Alexandre “Jan” Janenkov, Alexandre “Little Sasha” Lvov and Nikolai Kuzminih.


  • Alexandre “Big Sasha” Minkov – lead vocals, bass guitar
  • Alexei Belov – guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Alexandre “Jan” Janenkov – guitar
  • Alexandre “Little Sasha” Lvov – drums
  • Nikolai Kuzminih – keyboards
  • Allan Holdsworth– guitar
  • Dorothy Colman – harmonica, backing vocals
  • Ester Nicholson, Latonya Reed – backing vocals
  • Ron Powel – percussion
  • Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra- orchestral arrangements

Track listing:

All music by Alexei Belov, except where noted.

  1. Stare – lyrics by Johannes, N.Shneider
  2. California Promises – lyrics by Alexei Belov
  3. Five Wheel Drive – lyrics by Johannes, N.Shneider
  4. Ego – music by Alexei Belov, Alexandre Minkov, lyrics by Johannes, N.Shneider
  5. Stop the World I Want to Get Off – lyrics by Alexei Belov
  6. Taga – music by Nikolai Kuzminih
  7. Don’t Make Me Stay – lyrics by Alexei Belov
  8. Live For…- lyrics by Alexei Belov
  9. Scared – lyric by Alexei Belov
  10. Animal Shelter – lyrics by Johannes, N.Shneider
  11. Ocean – Alexei Belov


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