On May 14, 1996.

On May 14, 1996, “Carrot Top” label released “Milk and Scissors”, the second Handsome Family album. It was recorded 1995 – 199, at “Kingsize Sound Laboratories” in Chicago, Illinois, and was produced by Dave Trumfio, Brett Sparks, Rennie Sparks and Mike Werner.


  • Brett Sparks – vocals, guitar, dobro, organ, harmonica, lap steel
  • Rennie Sparks – vocals, bass
  • Mike Werner – percussion
  • Diane Murphy – band photo
  • Brad Miller – cover photo
  • Rennie & Mike, Sheila Sachs – design

Tracks listing:

All music by Brett Sparks, all lyrics by Rennie Sparks, except where noted.

  1. Lake Geneva
  2. Winnebago Skeletons
  3. Drunk By Noon
  4. The House Carpenter – traditional, arranged by Brett Sparks, Rennie Sparks and Mike Werner, inspired by Clarence Ashley’s 1930 recording
  5. The Dutch Boy
  6. The King Who Wouldn’t Smile
  7. Emily Shore 1819-1839
  8. 3-Legged Dog – Darrell Sparks
  9. #1 Country Song – Brett Sparks
  10. Amelia Earhart vs. The Dancing Bear
  11. Tin Foil
  12. Puddin’ Fingers – Mike Werner

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