On March 26, 2012.

On March 26, 2012, “V2” label released “In Time To Voices”, the third Blood Red Shoes album. It was recorded October – December 2011, and was produced by Mike Crossey, Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell.


  • Laura-Mary Carter – engineer, art direction, artwork, photography
  • Steven Ansell – performer
  • Claire Stranger-Ford – violin
  • Heather Wallington – viola
  • Nick Byrne – cello
  • Mike Crossey – engineer, mixing
  • Robin Schmidt – mastering
  • Dan Reeves – layout
  • Anton Coene – photography
  • Jonathan Gilmore – technician

Track listing:

All tracks by Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell.

.In Time to Voices

  1. Lost Kids
  2. Cold
  3. Two Dead Minutes
  4. The Silence and the Drones
  5. Night Light
  6. Je Me Perds
  7. Stop Kicking
  8. Slip Into Blue
  9. Down Here in the Dark
  10. 7 Years

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