Josh Rouse: El Turista

On February 1, 2010, “Bedroom Classics” label released “El Turista”, the eighth Josh Rouse studio album. It was recorded in 2009, and was produced by Josh Rouse and Brad Jones.


  • Josh Rouse – vocals, cymbals, acoustic, electric and nylon string guitars, kalimba, mellotron, string arrangements, arranger
  • Brad Jones – vibraphone, baritone ukulele, bass, Fender Rhodes, 12 string guitar, Hammond B3, marimba, piano, organ, percussion, Shaker, string arrangements, engineer, mixing
  • Joe Pisapia – electric guitar
  • James Haggerty – bass
  • Paco Loco – bass, engineer
  • Esteban Fernandez Perles – drums, handclapping
  • Robert Di Pietro – drums, percussion
  • David Gehrke – drums
  • Sam Bacco – congas, cuica, shaker, surdo, wood block
  • Marc Pisapia – drums, bongos, shaker, tom-tom
  • Chris Carmichael – viola, violin, cello, string arrangements
  • Jim Hoke – clarinet, tenor saxophone
  • Pepe Torres – flute
  • Melissa Mathes, Muni Camon – background vocals
  • Jim DeMain – mastering
  • Paz Suay – design
  • Jim Herrington – photography

Track listing:

  1. Bienvenido – Brad Jones, Josh Rouse
  2. Duerme – traditional, Brad Jones, Josh Rouse
  3. Lemon Tree – Josh Rouse
  4. Sweet Elaine – Josh Rouse
  5. Mesie Julian – Brad Jones/ Armando Oréfiche / Josh Rouse
  6. I Will Live On Islands – Josh Rouse
  7. Valencia – Josh Rouse, Paz Suay
  8. Cotton Eye Joe – traditional, Josh Rouse
  9. Las Voces – Josh Rouse, Paz Suay
  10. Don’t Act Tough – Brad Jones, Josh Rouse

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