On January 14, 2011.

On January 14, 2011, “ArtBeat Music” label released “The World Unreal”, the third Gourishankar studio album. It was recorded 2009 – 2015, at “Manaraga Recording Studios” in Syktyvkar, Russia, and was produced by Nomy Agranson.


  • Jason Offen – lead and backing vocals
  • Nomy Agranson – electric and acoustic guitars, fretted and fret less basses, keyboards, synths, programming, mandolin
  • Svetoslav Bogdanov – drums, percussio
  • Evgeniy Ryabashev – violins
  • Leonid Nesterov – trumpet
  • Alena Sergeeva – classical vocals
  • Darina Popova – atmospheric female voice
  • Maria Domashenko – space backing vocals
  • Anna Popova – ethnic komi vocals
  • Sergey Fedorov – backing vocals
  • Ivan Tropnikov – backing vocals
  • Arseniy Kadanev – children’s voices
  • Nikolay ‘Big Nick’ Bogaychuk – executive producer
  • Vladimir Ovchinnikov – mixing

Track listing:

All music by Nomy Agranson, all lyrics by Jason Offen. Vocal melodies by Jason Offen and Nomy Agranson.

  1. Intro – Fate
  2. Order and Chaos
  3. First Rush
  4. Let it Go
  5. Place for Everything
  6. Heartland
  7. Truth Stays Silent
  8. a) The Deception
  9. b) Money Talks
  10. c) Retribution
  11. World Unreal
  12. Time Follows
  13. Pleasure and Suffering: Part 1
  14. Pleasure and Suffering: Part 2



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