In November 1968.

In November 1968, “Liberty” label released “The Doughnut in Granny’s Greenhouse”, the second Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band album. By this time the band had changed their name to “The Bonzo Dog Band”. It was recorded in 1968, at “Morgan Studios” in London, and was produced by Gus Dudgeon and Terry Bron.


  • Vivian Stanshall– lead vocals, trumpet, tuba, wind instruments, cover design
  • Rodney “Rhino” Desborough Slater– saxophones
  • Neil Innes– lead vocals, piano, guitar, sleeve notes
  • Roger Ruskin Spear- tenor sax, various contraptions
  • “Legs” Larry Smith– drums
  • Phil Smee – design

Track listing:

  1. We Are Normal – Neil Innes, Vivian Stanshall
  2. Postcard – Neil Innes, Vivian Stanshall
  3. Beautiful Zelda – Neil Innes
  4. Can Blue Men Sing the Whites – Vivian Stanshall
  5. Hello Mabel – Neil Innes
  6. Kama Sutra – Neil Innes, Vivian Stanshall
  7. Humanoid Boogie – Neil Innes
  8. Trouser Press – Roger Ruskin Spear
  9. My Pink Half of the Drainpipe – Vivian Stanshall
  10. Rockaliser Baby – Neil Innes, Vivian Stanshall
  11. Rhinocratic Oaths – Neil Innes, Vivian Stanshall
  12. 11 Moustachioed Daughters – Vivian Stanshall



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