On October 24, 2006.

On October 24, 2006, “Hollywood Records” label released “Threes”, the third Sparta studio album. It was recorded March – June 2006, at, “Robert Lang Studios” in Seattle, Washington, and was produced by Dave Bassett.


  • Keeley Davis– vocals, guitar
  • Tony Hajjar– drums
  • Matt Miller- bass, backup vocals
  • Jim Ward– vocals, guitar
  • Merry Clayton- background vocals
  • Chris Henrich- pedal steel guitar
  • Liz Smith- guitar technician
  • Gregg Keplinger- drum technician
  • Joe Chiccarelli– engineer
  • Mike Major– mixing
  • Alan Yoshida– mastering
  • Dave Bassett, George Gumbs- engineer
  • Jared Kvitka- assistant engineer
  • Erik Ron- digital editing
  • Ray Wallace– paintings
  • Geert Teuwen- cover photo

Track listing:

  1. Untreatable Disease
  2. Crawl
  3. Unstitch Your Mouth
  4. Taking Back Control
  5. Erase It Again
  6. Atlas
  7. The Most Vicious Crime
  8. False Start
  9. Weather the Storm
  10. Right.Return. (Straight In Our Hands)
  11. Without a Sound
  12. Translations



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