On September 19, 2008.

On September 19, 2008, “Modular” label released the self-titled, debut Ladyhawke album. It was recorded 2007 – 2008, and was produced by Michael Di Francesco, Jim Eliot, Pascal Gabriel, Paul Harris, Kid Gloves and Greg Kurstin.


  • Pip Brown– lead and backing vocals,  guitars, bass guitar, drums, synthesiser; keyboards; art direction, executive producer
  • Michael Di Francesco– bass guitar, synthesiser, engineer
  • Jim Eliot– keyboards, drums, engineer
  • Pascal Gabriel– piano, drums, keyboards, guitar, percussion,  bass synthesiser,  mixing
  • Alex Gray – keyboards; guitar, Rhodes piano, percussion
  • Greg Kurstin– keyboards, programming, engineer
  • Anu Pillai – bass guitar, keyboards, drums, programming
  • Leo Taylor, Peter Huntington– drums
  • Roy Kerr – drums, programming
  • Paul Harris – drums, keyboards, engineer
  • Hannah Robinson– backing vocals
  • Tom Elmhirst, Tony Hoffer– mixing
  • Antonio Feola, Kid Gloves – engineer
  • Jason Gossman – mixing assistant
  • Dan Parry – mixing assistant
  • Sarah Larnach – art direction, artwork

Track listing:

  1. .Magic – Phillipa Brown, Pascal Gabriel
  2. Manipulating Woman – Phillipa Brown, Roy Kerr, Anu Pillai
  3. My Delirium – Phillipa Brown, Pascal Gabriel, Alex Gray, Hannah Robinson
  4. Better Than Sunday – Phillipa Brown, Jim Elliot, Paul Harris
  5. Another Runaway – Phillipa Brown, Pascal Gabriel, Alex Gray
  6. Love Don’t Live Here – Phillipa Brown, Jim Elliot
  7. Back of the Van – Phillipa Brown, Michael Di Francesco
  8. Paris is Burning – Phillipa Brown, Roy Kerr, Anu Pillai
  9. Professional Suicide – Phillipa Brown, Greg Kurstin
  10. Dusk Till Down – Phillipa Brown, Pascal Gabriel, Alex Gray, Hannah Robinson
  11. Crazy World – Phillipa Brown, Jim Elliot
  12. Morning Dreams – Phillipa Brown, Pascal Gabriel

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