On September 11, 2015.

On September 11, 2015, “Stylus Records” label released “Keep the Village Alive”, the ninth Stereophonics studio album. It was recorded 2011 – 2014, at “ICP Studios” in Brussels, Belgium, “Stylus Studios” in London, and was produced by Kelly Jones and Jim Lowe.


  • Kelly Jones- lead vocals, guitar, piano
  • Richard Jones- bass guitar
  • Adam Zindani- guitar, backing vocals
  • Jamie Morrison– drums
  • Sam Yapp, Javier Weyler– drums
  • Mikey Rowe – Wurly
  • Jim Lowe – additional Hammond, programming
  • Neil Cowley – additional piano
  • Tony Kirkham – additional piano, Hammond
  • Rosie Danvers – cello
  • Helen Hathorn – violin
  • Emma Owens – viola
  • David Arnoldwith Kelly Jones – orchestral arrangements
  • Nicholas Dodd – orchestration


  • John Bradbury – leader
  • Eos Chater, Dorina Markoff, John Bradbury, Johnathan Strange, Oli Langford, Christina Emanuel, Tom Pigott-Smith, Jackie Hartley, Peter Hanson, Ralph De Souza, Johnathan Rees, David Woodcock, Debbie Widdup, Natalia Bonner – violin section
  • Reiad Chibah, Julia Knight, Sue Dench, Nick Barr – viola section
  • Nick Cooper, Chris Worsey, Adrian Bradbury, Frank Schaefer – cello section
  • Pete Smith – tuba
  • Roger Argente – bass trombone
  • Andy Wood – tenor trombone
  • Phillip Eastop, Mike Murray, Corinne Bailey, Martin Owen – French horns
  • Daniel Newell, Jason Evans, Andy Cowley, Amos Miller – B♭ Trumpet
  • Eos Chater – violin
  • Gay-Yee Westerhoff – cello
  • Nick Barr – viola
  • Craig Silvey – mixing
  • Paul Edouard-Laurendeau – studio assistant
  • Greg Calbi – mastering

Track listing:

All tracks written by Kelly Jones.

  1. C’est la Vie
  2. White Lies
  3. Sing Little Sister
  4. I Wanna Get Lost With You
  5. Song for the Summer
  6. Fight or Flight
  7. My Hero
  8. Sunny
  9. Into the World
  10. Mr and Mrs Smith


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