On July 30, 2002.

On July 30, 2002, “Reprise” label released “The Amalgamut”, the third Filter studio album. It was recorded 2001 -2002, and was produced by Ben Grosse, Richard Patrick, Rae DiLeo and Geno Lenardo.


  • Richard Patrick– lead vocals, guitar, programming, drum loop
  • Geno Lenardo– guitar, bass, programming
  • Frank Cavanaugh – bass
  • Steven Gillis  – drums
  • Ben Grosse– engineer, mixing
  • Rae DiLeo  – engineer, digital editing
  • Jeff Mol, Darrell Thorpe, Chuck Bailey, Rick Behrens  – engineer assistant
  • Bob Ludwig– mastering
  • Blumpy – digital editing

Track listing:

  1. You Walk Away – Richard Patrick, Geno Lenardo
  2. American Cliché – Richard Patrick
  3. Where Do We Go from Here – Richard Patrick, Geno Leonardo
  4. Columind – Richard Patrick
  5. The Missing – Richard Patrick
  6. The Only Way (Is the Wrong Way) – Richard Patrick
  7. My Long Walk to Jail – Richard Patrick, Geno Lenardo
  8. So I Quit – Richard Patrick, Geno Lenardo, Frank Cavanagh, Steve Gillis
  9. God Damn Me – Richard Patrick
  10. It Can Never Be the Same – Richard Patrick, Geno Lenardo, Frank Cavanagh, Steve Gillis
  11. World Today – Richard Patrick, Rae DiLeo
  12. The 4th – Richard Patrick, Rae DiLeo

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