On July 29, 1997.

On July 29, 1997, “Elektra” label released “Pup Tent”, the fourth Luna album. It was recorded in 1997, at “Sear Sound Studios”,” Pachyderm Studio”, “Baby Monster Studios”, and “ RPM Studios”, and was produced by Pat McCarthy.


  • Dean Wareham– vocals, guitars
  • Sean Eden – guitars
  • Justin Harwood– bass, keyboards, trumpet, guitars
  • Lee Wall – drums, percussion
  • Jamie Candeloro – mandolin, slide dobro
  • Barrett Martin– marimba, vibes
  • Pat McCarthy– bits, bobs
  • Mike Russell – accordion
  • Jane Scarpantoni– cello
  • Pat McCarthy– engineer
  • Greg Calbi – mastering

Track listing:

All lyrics by Dean Wareham, music by Dean Wareham, Sean Eden, Justin Harwood and Lee Wall.

  1. IHOP
  2. Beautiful View
  3. Pup Tent
  4. Bobby Peru
  5. Beggar’s Bliss
  6. Tracy I Love You
  7. Whispers
  8. City Kitty
  9. The Creeps
  10. Fuzzy Wuzzy

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