On July 16, 1985.

On July 16, 1985, “Homestead Records” label released “Dinosaur”, the debut Dinosaur Jr. studio album. It was recorded in 1985 at Chris Dixon’s (engineer) house, and was produced by J Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph.


  • J Mascis – vocals, guitar, percussion
  • Lou Barlow – vocals, bass, synthesizer
  • Murph – vocals, drums, synthesizer
  • Chris Dixon, Glen – engineer
  • Maura Jasper – cover art
  • Lou Barlow – back cover art
  • Jason Talerman – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by J Mascis.

  1. Forget the Swan
  2. Cats in a Bowl
  3. The Leper
  4. Does It Float
  5. Pointless
  6. Repulsion
  7. Gargoyle
  8. Severed Lips
  9. Mountain Man
  10. Quest
  11. Bulbs of Passion

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