Relient K: Collapsible Lung

On July 2, 2013, “Mono vs Stereo” label released “Collapsible Lung”, the seventh Relient K studio album. It was recorded in 2013, and was produced by Paul Moak and Aaron Sprinkle.


  • Matt Thiessen- lead vocals, guitars, piano, synthesizers, keyboards
  • Matt Hoopes- guitars, backing vocals
  • John Warne- bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Jon Schneck- guitars, banjo, bells, omnichord, nord, backing vocals
  • Ethan Luck- drums, percussion
  • Tim Skipper – additional background vocals
  • Caleb Owens – additional vocals, electric guitar
  • Sadler J. Vaden – additional guitar
  • Adam Gardner – additional bass
  • Jon Radford – additional drums
  • Lane Johnson – additional programming
  • Paul Moak, Aaron Sprinkle- engineer
  • Justin March, Devin Vaughan – engineer assistant
  • Dewey Boyd – assistant
  • Dave Steunebrink, Lani Crump – production coordination
  • Tom Breyfogle, Nathan Thomas – pre-production assistant
  • JR McNeely – mixing
  • Brad Blackwood – mastering
  • Ryan Besch – design, illustration

Track listing:

  1. Don’t Blink – Matthew Thiessen, Matthew Hoopes
  2. Boomerang – Matthew Thiessen, Evan Bogart, Ari Levine
  3. Lost Boy – Matthew Thiessen, Derek A.E. Fuhrmann, Matt Musto, Gregg Wattenberg
  4. If I Could Take You Home – Matthew Thiessen, Matthew Hoopes, Fernando Garibay
  5. Can’t Complain – Matthew Thiessen, Brian Lee, Emily Wright
  6. Gloria – Matthew Thiessen, Matthew Hoopes, Ari Levine, Tim Pagnotta
  7. PTL – Matthew Thiessen, Matt Musto, Caleb Owens
  8. Disaster – Matthew Thiessen
  9. When You Were My Baby – Matthew Thiessen, Matthew Hoopes, Caleb Owens
  10. Sweeter – Matthew Thiessen, Caleb Owens
  11. Collapsible Lung – Matthew Thiessen, Matthew Hoopes

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