On June 8, 2004.

On June 8, 2004, “Latent” label released “One Soul Now”, the ninth Cowboy Junkies studio album.  It was recorded October 2002 – October 2003, and was produced by Michael Timmins.


  • Margo Timmins– vocals, engineer, mixing
  • Michael Timmins – guitar
  • Alan Anton – bass
  • Peter Timmins – drums
  • Jeff Bird – percussion, electronic mandolin, melodica
  • Jaro Czerwinec – accordion
  • Linford Detweiler – organ
  • Richard Bell – organ, piano
  • Peter Moore– mastering
  • Jeff Wolpert – mixing
  • Daryl Smith – engineer, mixing
  • Michael Sponarski – engineer
  • David Houghton – art direction
  • Open Circle – cover design

Track listing:

All tracks by Michael Timmins.

  1. One Soul Now
  2. Why This One
  3. My Wild Child
  4. From Hunting Ground to City Street
  5. The Stars of Our Stars
  6. Notes Falling Slow
  7. No Long Journey Home
  8. He Will Call You Baby
  9. Simon Keeper
  10. The Slide

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