On June 5, 2007.

On June 5, 2007, “Hellcat Records” label released “Music from Regions Beyond”, the fourth Tiger Army album. It was recorded November 2006 -January 2007, and was produced by Jerry Finn.


  1. Nick 13 – vocals, guitar
  2. Jeff Roffredo – upright bass
  3. James Meza – drums
  4. Davey Havok, Alain Whyte, Brandan Schieppati-vocals
  5. Ryan Wombacher, Dan Under – background vocals
  6. Jerry Finn – harmonium, mixing
  7. Linas Garsys – design
  8. Samantha Rapp – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Nick 13

  1. Prelude: Signal Return
  2. Hotprowl
  3. Afterworld
  4. Forever Fades Away
  5. Ghosts of Memory
  6. LunaTone
  7. Pain
  8. As the Cold Rain Falls
  9. Hechizo de Amor
  10. Spring Forward
  11. Where the Moss Slowly Grows



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