On May 4, 2010.

On May 4, 2010, “Arts & Crafts” label released “Forgiveness Rock Record”, the fourth Broken Social Scene studio album. It was recorded in 2010, and was produced by John McEntire.


  1. John McEntire – drums, synthesizer, gong, omnichord, sequencers, vibraphone, Wurlitzer, engineer, mixing
  2. Justin Peroff – vocals, drum machine, drums,percussion, prepared piano, art direction, artwork, cover painting
  3. Andrew Whiteman – vocals, background vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, bass
  4. Charles Spearin – Farfisa organ, electric and acoustic guitar, guitar effects, bass, keyboards, melodica, memory moog, trumpet
  5. Lisa Lobsinger, Jason Collett, Leslie Feist, Emily Haines, Amy Millan, Sam Prekop – vocals
  6. Kevin Drew – vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, keyboards, piano, synthesizer, bass, vibraphone
  7. Sam Goldberg – vocals, background vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, sitar, xylophone,
  8. Ohad Benchetrit – electric and acoustic slide guitar, engineer
  9. Brendan Canning – vocals, background vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, bass, keyboards, loop, piano
  10. James Shaw – vocals, guitar
  11. Martin Davis Kinack – guitar
  12. John Crossingham – background vocals
  13. Sebastien Grainger – background vocals
  14. Eric Claridge – bass
  15. Bryden Baird – trumpet
  16. Evan Cranley, David Hodge – trombone
  17. Leon Kingstone – saxophones
  18. Paul Von Mertens – clarinet, flute
  19. Alison Chesley – cello
  20. Julie Penner, Susan Voelz – violin
  21. Joe McKay – artwork, layout
  22. Elisabeth Chicoine – photography

Track listing:

  1. World Sik
  2. Chase Scene
  3. Texico Bitches
  4. Forced to Love
  5. All to All
  6. Art House Director
  7. Highway Slipper Jam
  8. Ungrateful Little Father
  9. Meet Me in the Basement
  10. Sentimental X’s
  11. Sweetest Kill
  12. Romance to the Grave
  13. Water in Hell
  14. Me and My Hand



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