On May 1, 2007.

On May 1, 2007, “Equal Vision” label released “Manipulator”, the third The Fall of Troy studio album. It was recorded December 2006 – January 2007, at “Robert Lang Studios”, “Red Room Studio” and “Avast Classic” in Seattle, Washington, and was produced by Matt Bayles.


  • Thomas Erak– vocals, guitar
  • Tim Ward– bass guitar, vocals, layout concept, illustrations
  • Andrew Forsman– drums
  • Nouela Johnston – keyboards, backing vocals
  • Matt Bayles– engineer, mixing
  • John Ziemski – assistant engineer
  • Ed Brooks – mastering
  • Bill Scoville, Brandon Proff – layout design

Track listing:

All tracks by Thomas Erik, Tim Ward and Andrew Forsman.

  1. Cut Down All the Trees and Name the Streets After Them
  2. The Dark Trail
  3. Quarter Past
  4. Problem!?
  5. Semi – Fiction
  6. Oh, The Casino
  7. Sledgehammer
  8. Seattlantis
  9. Ex-Creations
  10. Shhh!!! If You’re Quiet, I’ll Show You a Dinosaur
  11. Caught Up
  12. A Man. A Plan. A Canal. Panama



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