On April 24, 2010.


On April 24, 2007, “Compass” label released “Are You Lookin’ at Me?” the ninth Colin Hay album. It was recorded in 2007 and was produced by Colin Hay and Chad Fischer.


  • Colin Hay – vocals, guitar, drums, bass, vox organ, concertina, mandolin, engineer, mixing
  • Jeff Babko – piano, organ, trombone
  • Rob Clores – Hammond B3, organ, piano
  • Larry Goldings – piano, organ
  • Alan Deremo, Carlitos Del Puerto, Kaveh Rastegar – bass guitar
  • Paul Inder – guitar, bass guitar, drum programming, backing vocals
  • Cecilia Noël – kazoo, piano, choir,backing vocals, choir arrangement
  • Larry Goldings- piano, organ
  • Chad Fischer- drums, percussion, engineer, mixing
  • Charlie Paxson – drums, percussion
  • Lenny Castro – percussion
  • Lee Thornburg – flugelhorn, trumpet
  • Eric Jorgensen – trombone
  • Danny O’Donoghue – backing vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Colin Hay.

  1. Are You Lookin’ at Me?
  2. Lose to Win
  3. Here in My Hometown
  4. Up in Smoke
  5. No One Knows
  6. This Time I Got You
  7. Lonely Without You
  8. What Would Bob Do?
  9. Pure Love
  10. Me and My Imaginary Friend
  11. Land of the Midnight Sun
  12. I Wish I Was Still Drinking

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