In April 1967.

In April 1967, “Verve Forecast” label released “Tim Hardin 2”, the second Tim Hardin studio album. It was recorded November 1964 – August 1966, and was produced by Charles Koppelman and Don Rubin


  • Tim Hardin – vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Don Peake – arranger
  • David Cohen – finger picking acoustic guitar
  • Jerry Schoenbaum – production supervision
  • Val Valentin– director of engineering
  • Engineered by Doc Siegel
  • David Krieger – cover design
  • Marshall Harmon – cover photo

Track listing:

All tracks by Tim Hardin.

  1. If I Were a Carpenter
  2. Red Balloon
  3. Black Sheep Boy
  4. The Lady Came from Baltimore
  5. Baby Close Its Eyes
  6. You Upset the Grace of Living When You Lie
  7. Speak Like a Child
  8. See Where You Are and Get Out
  9. It’s Hard to Believe in Love for Long
  10. Tribute to Hank Williams

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