On March 26, 2001.

On March 2, 2001, “We Love You” label released “Natural History”, the debut I Am Kloot album. It was recorded 2000 – 2001, at “Studio Studio” in Rochdale, “The Elbow Rooms” and “The Big House” in Manchester, and “Isle of Mull” in Inner Hebrides, and was produced by Guy Garvey.


  • Arnold Bramwell – vocals, guitar
  • Peter Jobson – background vocals, bass, slide guitar
  • Andy Hargreaves – drums, percussion
  • John Harold – vocals, guitar
  • Guy Garvey – backing vocals, percussion, sound effects, harmonica, wine glasses
  • Pete Turner, Craig Potter, Mark Potter, Richard Jupp – wine glasses
  • Craig Potter, Mark Potter – engineer
  • Stacey Manton – artwork


Track listing:

All tracks by Arnold Bramwell and John Bramwell.

  1. To You
  2. Morning Rain
  3. Bigger Wheels
  4. No Fear of Falling
  5. Loch
  6. Storm Warning
  7. Dark Star
  8. Stop
  9. Sunlight Hits the Snow
  10. Twist
  11. 86 TV’s
  12. Because (includes a hidden track Graffiti)



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