On March 24, 2017.

On March 24, 2017, “Artificial Plastic Records” label released “Damage and Joy”, the seventh Jesus and Mary Chain studio album. It was recorded in 2016 in Spain, England, United States, Ireland, and was produced by Youth, Jim Reid, William Reid and Brian Young.


  • Jim Reid– vocals
  • William Reid– vocals, guitar
  • Brian Young– drums
  • Isobel Campbell, Bernadette Denning, Sky Ferreira, Linda Fox– vocals
  • Phil King– guitar
  • Chris Phillips – drums
  • Conor Brady, Jamie Grashion – additional engineering
  • Tommaso Colliva – additional mix engineering
  • John Davis – mastering
  • Marcus Locock – additional mix engineering
  • Josiah Mazzaschi– engineering
  • Jamie McEvoy – mixing assistant
  • Michael Rendall – engineering, mixing
  • Dave Trumfio– pre-production
  • Rachel Willett – cover photo

Track listing:

All tracks by William Reid and Jim Reid.

  1. Amputation
  2. War on Peace
  3. All Things Pass
  4. Always Sad
  5. Song for a Secret
  6. The Two of Us
  7. Los Feliz (Blues and Greens)
  8. Mood Rider
  9. Presidici (Et Chapaquiditch)
  10. Get on Home
  11. Facing Up to the Facts
  12. Simian Split
  13. Black and Blues
  14. Can’t Stop the Rock

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