In March 1968.

In March 1968, “International Artists” label released “Bull of the Woods”, the fourth and the last 13th Floor Elevators album. It was recorded in 1968, and was produced by Ray Rush.


  • Roky Erickson– vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Stacy Sutherland– vocals, lead guitar
  • Tommy Hall– electric jug
  • Ronnie Leatherman, Duke Davis – bass
  • Danny Thomas– drums, horn arrangements, Fred Carroll, Jim Duff, Hank Poole – engineer
  • Lloyd Sepulveda – cover

Track listing:

  1. Livin’ On – Stacy Sutherland, Tommy Hall
  2. Barnyard Blues – Stacy Sutherland
  3. Til Then – Stacy Sutherland, Tommy Hall
  4. Never Another – Roky Erickson, Tommy Hall
  5. Rose and the Thorn – Stacy Sutherland
  6. Down by the River – Stacy Sutherland
  7. Scarlet and Gold – Stacy Sutherland
  8. Street Song – Stacy Sutherland
  9. Doom – Stacy Sutherland, Tommy Hall
  10. With You – Ronnie Leatherman
  11. May the Circle Remain Unbroken – Roky Erickson

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