In January 1984.

In January 1984, “Urantia” label released “Flex-Able”, the debut Steve Vai solo album. It was recorded April–November, 1983, and was produced by Steve Vai.


  • Steve Vai– synthesizer, bass, guitar, percussion, piano, electric guitar, keyboards, sitar, vocals, bells, producer, engineer, drum machine, drum programming, design, mixing
  • Scott Collard – synthesizer, keyboards, Fender Rhodes
  • Larry Crane – lyre, xylophone, bells, vibraphone
  • Greg Degler – clarinet, flute, saxophone
  • Joe Despagni – sound effects
  • Laurel Fishman – vocals
  • Peggy Foster – bass
  • Chris Frazier– drums
  • Stuart Hamm– bass, sound effects, vocals
  • Bob Harris – trumpet, vocals (as Irney Rantin)
  • Suzannah Harris (as Ursula Rayven) – vocals
  • Billy James– percussion, drums
  • Paul Lemcke – keyboards
  • Pia Maiocco– vocals
  • Tommy Mars– violin, keyboards, vocals
  • Lill Vai – sound effects
  • Chad Wackerman– drums
  • Pete Zeldman – percussion, drums
  • Aaron Brown – design, illustrations
  • John Matousek – mastering
  • Mark Pinske – assistant
  • Neil Zlozower – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Steve Vai.

  1. Little Green Men
  2. Viv Woman
  3. Lovers Are Crazy
  4. Salamanders in the Sun
  5. The Boy/Girl Song
  6. The Attitude Song
  7. Call It Sleep
  8. Junkie
  9. Bill’s Private Parts
  10. Next Stop Earth
  11. There’s Something Dead in Here



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