In January 1974.

In January 1974, “Atco” label released the debut, self-titled Blue Magic album. It was recorded in 1973, at “Sigma Sound Studios” in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and was produced by Norman Harris, Alan Rubens and Steven Bernstein.


  • Vernon Sawyer, Richard Pratt, Wendell Sawyer, Keith Beaton, Ted Mills – vocals
  • Bobby Eli, Norman Harris, Ted Cohen, Roland Chambers – guitar
  • Ted Mills, Ron Kersey, Cotton Kent – piano
  • Ronnie Baker, Jimmy Grant, Lee Smith, Jimmy DeJulio – bass
  • Earl Young, Larry James – drums
  • Larry Washington – percussion
  • Vince Montana– vibes
  • Don Renaldo and his Strings and Horns – strings and horns accompaniment
  • Norman Harris– arrangements, remix
  • Vince Montana– arrangements
  • Carl Helm – vocal arrangements
  • Joe Tarsia, Kenny Present, Don Murray, Jay Mark, Carl Paruolo – recording
  • Alan Rubens, Steven Bernstein – executive producer
  • Bruce Gable – executive producer

Track listing:

  1. Sideshow – Bobby Eli, Vinny Barrett
  2. Look Me Up – Norman Harris, Allan Felder
  3. What’s Come Over Me – Ted Mills
  4. Just Don’t Want to Be Lonely – Bobby Eli, Vinny Barrett, John Freeman
  5. Stop to Start – Jimmy Grant, Allan Felder
  6. Welcome to the Club – Norman Harris, Allan Felder
  7. Spell – Ted Mills
  8. Answer to My Prayer – Norman Harris, Allan Felder
  9. Tear it Down – Ted Mills, Allan Felder

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