In December 1973.

In December 1973, “PGP RTB” label released “Kiselina” (Acid), the debut Pop Mašina album. It was recorded in September 1973, at “Studio X PGP-RTB” in Belgrade, and was produced by Robert Nemeček, Zoran Božinović and Mihajlo Popović.


  • Robert Nemeček- bass guitar, vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Zoran Božinović- guitar, vocals
  • Mihajlo Popović – drums, congas
  • Sloba Marković- organ
  • Miša Aleksić- bass guitar
  • Raša Đelmaš– drums
  • Branimir Malkoč, Drago Mlinarec, Ljuba Ninkovič, Vojislav Đukić – backing vocals
  • DAG(Dragan Popović, Grujica Milanović, Aleksandar Milanović) – backing vocals
  • Slobodan Petrović – engineer
  • Jugoslav Vlahović- album cover design

Track listing:

  1. Na drumu za haos – Zoran Božinović
  2. Pesma srećne noći – Robert Nemeček
  3. Mir – Zoran Božinović
  4. Kiselina – Zoran Božinović
  5. Tražim put – Zoran Božinović
  6. Povratak zvezdama – Zoran Božinović
  7. Svemirska priča – Robert Nemeček
  8. Slika iz prošlih dana – Robert Nemeček

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