In December 1965.


In December 1965, “Transatlantic” label released “It Don’t Bother Me”, the second Bert Jansch album. It was recorded in April 1965, at “Pye Studios” in London, and was produced by Nathan Joseph.


  • Bert Jansch – vocals, guitar, steel-string guitar, banjo
  • Roy Harper – vocals, guitar
  • John Renbourn – guitar
  • Ray Prickett – engineer
  • Brian Shuel – cover design

Track listing:

All tracks by Bert Jansch, except where noted.

  1. Oh, My Babe
  2. Ring-A-Ding Bird
  3. Tinker’s Blues
  4. Anti Apartheid
  5. The Wheel
  6. A Man I’d Rather Be
  7. My Lover
  8. It Don’t Bother Me
  9. Harvest Your Thoughts of Love – John Renbourn
  10. Lucky Thirteen
  11. As the Day Grows Longer Now
  12. So Long (Been On the Road So Long) – Alex Campbell
  13. Want My Daddy Now
  14. 900 Miles – traditional

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