Billy Gibbons: Perfectamundo

On November 6, 2015, “Concord” label released “Perfectamundo”, the debut Billy Gibbons and rock band The BFG’s studio album. It was recorded in 2015, and was produced by Billy Gibbons and Joe Hardy.


  • Billy Gibbons: vocals, guitar, bass, Hammond B3, piano, design
  • Mike Flanigin: Hammond B3,
  • Alx “Guitarzza” Garza: guitar, bass
  • Martine “G.G.” Guigui: Hammond B3, piano
  • Joe Hardy: guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals, mastering, mixing
  • L. Moon: guitar, rngineer
  • Greg Morrow: drums, engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by Billy Gibbons, Mike Flanigin and G.L. Moon.

  1. Got Love If You Want It
  2. Treat Her Right
  3. You’re What’s Happenin’, Baby
  4. Sal y Pimiento
  5. Pickin’ Up Chicks On Dowling Street
  6. Hombre Sin Nombre
  7. Quiero Mas Dinero
  8. Baby Please Don’t Go
  9. Piedras Negras
  10. Perfectamundo
  11. Q-Vo

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