In October 1973.

In October 1973, “Atlantic” label released “Sweet Revenge”, the third John Prine album. It was recorded in 1973, and was produced by Arif Mardin.


  • John Prine – vocals, guitar
  • Steve Goodman- guitar, backing vocals
  • Grady Martin- guitar, dobro
  • Steve Burgh, Johnny Christopher – guitar
  • Judy Clay – steel guitar, backing vocals
  • Doyle Grisham – steel guitar
  • Leo LeBlanc – guitar, steel guitar
  • Raun MacKinnon – gut string guitar, harmony vocals
  • Dave Prine – guitar, banjo, dobro, fiddle
  • Reggie Young- guitar
  • David Briggs- organ, piano
  • Bobby Wood, Kenny Ascher- keyboards, piano
  • Jerry Shook – harmonica
  • Mike Leech – bass, upright bass
  • Hugh McDonald – bass, percussion
  • Bill Slater – bass
  • Kenny Malone– drums
  • Steve Mosley – drums
  • Ralph MacDonald- percussion
  • Cissy Houston- backing vocals
  • Deirdre Tuck Corley – backing vocals
  • Arif Mardin- horn arrangement
  • Brad Davis, Jimmy Douglass, Steve Ham, Frank Hubach, Bob Liftin – engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by John Prine, except where noted.

  1. Sweet Revenge
  2. Please Don’t Bury Me
  3. Christmas in Prison
  4. Dear Abby
  5. Blue Umbrella
  6. Often is a Word I Seldom Use
  7. Onomatopoeia
  8. Grandpa Was a Carpenter
  9. The Accident (Things Could Be Worse)
  10. Mexican Home
  11. A Good Time
  12. Nine Pound Hammer – traditional

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