In September 1975.

In September 1975, “Atco” label released “Thirteen Blue Magic Lane”, the third Blue Magic album. It was recorded in 1975, at “Sigma Sound Studios” in Philadelphia, and was produced by Norman Harris and Ron “Have Mercy” Kersey.


  • Bobby Eli, Norman Harris, Roland Chambers – guitars
  • Ron Kersey, Cotton Kent, Dexter Wansel, Ted Mills – keyboards
  • Vince Montana– vibraphone
  • Ronald Baker, Michael Foreman, Rusty Jackmon, Larry LaBes – bass
  • Earl Young, Charles Collins – drums
  • Larry Washington, Robert Cupit, Bunny Harris – percussion
  • Don Renaldo and his Strings and Horns – strings and horns accompaniment
  • Norman Harris, Ron “Have Mercy” Kersey– arrangements
  • Richard Rome – arrangement
  • Ted “Wizard” Mills – rhythm arrangement
  • Carl Paruolo, Kenny Present, Jay Mark – engineer
  • Dirk Devlin, Mike Huchinson, James Gallagher – engineer assistant
  • Nimitr Sarikananda, Wayne Wilfong – mastering
  • Alan Rubens, Steven Bernstein, Bruce Gable – executive producer

Track listing:

  1. The Loneliest House on the Block – Norman Harris, Allan Felder
  2. Chasing Rainbows – Ted Mills
  3. Born on Halloween – Norman Harris, Allan Felder, Tanya Jones
  4. Haunted (By Your Love) – Ron Tyson, Allan Felder, Bruce Hawes
  5. I Like You – Ted Mills
  6. Magic of the Blue – Ron Kersey, Norman Harris, Allan Felder
  7. We’re on the Right Track – Norman Harris, Allan Felder
  8. Stop and Get a Hold of Yourself – Pat Cooper, Ron Kersey
  9. What’s Come Over Me – Ted Mills

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