On September 22, 2009.

On September 22, 2009, “Outfall” label released “Burning the Days”, the fifth Vertical Horizon studio album. It was recorded in 2009, and was produced by Matt Scannel.


  • Matt Scannell – lead vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming
  • Richard Marx – piano
  • Sean Hurley: bass guitar
  • Jason Sutter: drums
  • Neil Peart: drums
  • Blair Sinta: drums
  • Keith Kane: harmony vocals
  • Steve Hardy: engineer, mixing
  • Joel Numa: engineer
  • Mark Valentine: engineer
  • Ted Jensen: mastering
  • Anik McGrory: artwork

Track listing:

All tracks by Matt Scannell, except where noted.

  1. All Is Said and Done
  2. The Lucky One
  3. The Middle Ground
  4. I Believe In You
  5. Save Me From Myself
  6. Carrying On
  7. Back to You
  8. Can You Help Me
  9. Afterglow
  10. Here
  11. Welcome to the Bottom
  12. Even Now – Matt Scannell, Neil Peart

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