In September 1974.

In September 1974, “Bearsville” label released the debut, self-titled Felix Cavaliere solo album. It was recorded in 1974, and was produced by Todd Rundgren.


  • Felix Cavaliere – vocals, piano, organ
  • Todd Rundgren – guitar
  • Elliot Randall, John Hall- guitar
  • Gualberto Garcia Perez – flamenco guitar
  • Hank DeVito- pedal steel guitar
  • Kenneth Bichel, Roger Powell – ARP synthesizer
  • John Siegler, Mervin Bronson – bass
  • Jack Scarangella, Kevin Ellman – drums
  • Antonio Jiminez Arana, Pablo Rosario – percussion
  • Antonio Jiminez Arana – congas
  • Paul Fleisher – saxophone, clarinet
  • Barry Rogers – trombone
  • Al Rubin, Larry Spencer, Randy Brecker- trumpet
  • Carman Moore – string arrangements
  • Noel Da Costa, Raymond Kunicki, W. Sanford Allen – violin
  • Alfred Brown, Julien Barber, Selwart Clarke – viola
  • Kermit Moore – cello
  • Jack Jeffers – baritone horns
  • Cissy Houston, Deidre Tuck, Felix Cavaliere, Judy Clay, Renelle Stafford – backing vocals
  • Alex Rutsch – design

Track listing:

All tracks by Felix Cavaliere and Carman Moore

  1. A High Price to Pay
  2. I Am a Gambler
  3. I’ve Got a Solution
  4. Everlasting Love
  5. Summer in El Barrio
  6. Long Times Gone
  7. Future Train
  8. Mountain Man
  9. Funky Friday
  10. It’s Been a Long Long Time
  11. I am Free

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