In August 1984.

In August 1984, “MCA” label released “Phantoms”, the third Fixx studio album. It was recorded in 1984, and was produced by Rupert Hine, Dan K. Brown, Cy Curnin, Rupert Greenall, James West-Oram and Adam Woods.


  • Dan K. Brown – bass
  • Cy Curnin– vocals
  • Rupert Greenall – keyboards
  • James West-Oram – guitar
  • Adam Woods – drums, percussion
  • Stephen W Tayler – recording, nixing
  • Andrew Scarth – recording assustant
  • George Underwood – cover art

Track listing:

All tracks by Dan K. Brown, Cy Curnin, Rupert Greenall, Jamie West-Oram, and Adam Woods, except where noted.

  1. Lose Face
  2. Less Cities, More Moving People
  3. Sunshine in the Shade – Dan Brown, Curnin, Rupert Greenall, P. Greenall, James West-Oram, Adam Woods
  4. Woman on a Train – Dan K. Brown, Cy Curnin, Rupert Greenall, Jeannette Obstoj, James West-Oram, Adam Woods
  5. Wish
  6. Lost in Battle Overseas
  7. Question
  8. In Suspense
  9. Facing the Wind
  10. Are We Ourselves?
  11. I Will
  12. Phantom Living

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