In August 1973.

In August 1973, “Warner Bros” label released “Hard Nose the Highway”, the seventh Van Morrison  studio album. It was recorded August – October 1972, at “Caledonia Studio”, and was produced by Van Morrison.


  • Van Morrison – acoustic guitar, vocals
  • Jack Schroer– tenor, alto, baritone and soprano saxophones
  • Jules Broussard – tenor saxophone, flute
  • Joseph Ellis – trumpet
  • Bill Atwood– trumpet
  • Nathan Rubin – violin
  • Zaven Melikian – violin
  • Nancy Ellis – viola
  • Theresa “Terry” Adams – cello
  • John Tenney – violin
  • Michael Gerling – violin
  • Jef Labes– piano
  • John Platania– guitar
  • David Hayes– bass
  • Gary Mallaber– vibraphone, drums
  • Rick Shlosser– drums
  • Marty David – bass
  • Jackie De Shannon– backing vocals
  • Oakland Symphony Chamber Chorus
  • Spirit, morale, laughter – Ed Fletcher (alias Iversen)
  • Engineers: Neil Schwartz, Jim Stern
  • Arrangers: Van Morrison, Jef Labes (strings), Jack Schroer, (horns)
  • Cover art: Rob Springett

Track listing:

All tracks by Van Morrison, except where noted.

  1. Snow in San Anselmo
  2. Warm Love
  3. Hard Nose the Highway
  4. Wild Children
  5. The Great Deception
  6. Bein’ Green – Joe Raposo
  7. Autumn Song
  8. Purple Heather – traditional

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