On August 15, 2014.

On August 15, 2014, “Warner Bros” label released “The Golden Echo”, the second  Kimbra studio album. It was recorded in 2014, and was produced by Keefus Ciancia, Taylor Graves, John Hill, Kimbra Johnson, Major Dudes, Mystery Skulls, M-Phazes, Al Shux, Surahn Sidhu, Dave Tozer and Fagan Wilcox. The album photographs were by Thom Kerr.


  • Kimbra Johnson- vocals
  • Matt Bellamy- guitar
  • John “JR” Robinson, Sonny J. Mason – drums
  • Bilal- featured artist
  • Mario Borgatta – assistant
  • Rich Costey – executive producer; mixing
  • Nicolas Fournier, Bo Hill, John Hill, Martin Cooke – engineer
  • Thom Kerr – artwork
  • Bob Ludwig – mastering
  • Alex Tenta – design, layout
  • Lenny Waronker, Nick Haussling – A&R

Track listing:

  1. Teen Heat – Kimbra Johnson, Daniel Johns
  2. 90s Music – Kimbra Johnson, Mark Foster, Timon Martin, Stephen McQuinn, Matt Morris
  3. Carolina – Kimbra Johnson, Keith Ciancia, Zachary Dawes, Tyler Parkford, Michael Shuman
  4. Goldmine – Kimbra Johnson, Fraser T. Smith
  5. Miracle – Kimbra Johnson, Stephen Bruner, Daniel Johns
  6. Rescue Him – Kimbra Johnson, Surahn Sidhu
  7. Madhouse – Kimbra Johnson, S. Bruner, Joel Whitley, Ron Bruner
  8. Everlovin’ Ya – Kimbra Johnson, Taylor Graves
  9. As You Are – Kimbra Johnson, Daniel Johns
  10. Love in High Places – Kimbra Johnson, Ciancia, Sonny J Mason, Matt Morris, Kaveh
  11. Nobody But You – Kimbra Johnson, John Legend, Surahn Sidhu, Dave Tozer
  12. Waltz Me to the Grave – Kimbra Johnson, Fagan Wilcox



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