In August, 1967.

In August 1067, “Vanguard” label released “Joan”, the eight Joan Baez album. It was recorded April – June 1967, at “Vanguard Studios” in New York City, and was produced by Maynard Solomon. The cover photo was by French photographer Alain Gaveau.


  • Joan Baez– vocals, guitar
  • Peter Schickele– arranger, conductor

Track listing:

  1. Be Not Too Hard – Donovan, lyrics: Christopher Logue
  2. Eleanor Rigby – John Lennon, Paul McCartney
  3. Turquoise – Donovan
  4. La Colombe (The Dove) – Jacques Brel
  5. Dangling Conversation – Paul Simon
  6. The Lady Came from Baltimore – Tim Hardin
  7. North – Joan Baez, Nina Dusheck
  8. Children of Darkness – Richard Fariña
  9. The Greenwood Side – traditional
  10. If You Were a Carpenter Tim Hardin
  11. Annabel Lee – Don Dilworth; lyrics: Edgar Allan Poe
  12. Saigon Bride – Joan Baez, Nina Dusheck

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