In July 1972.

In July 1972, “Columbia” label released “America: A 200-Year Salute in Story and Song”, the 40th Johnny Cash album. It was recorded in July 1972, and was produced by Larry Butler. The album comprises a number of tracks dedicated to the topic of American history.


  • Johnny Cash: vocals, acoustic guitar, dialogues texts
  • Carl Perkins: electric guitar
  • Bob Wootton: electric guitar, gut-string guitar
  • WS Holland: drums
  • Marshall Grant: bass
  • Red Lane: rhythm guitar, gut-string guitar
  • Chuck Cochran: piano
  • Norman Blake: rhythm guitar, gut-string guitar, banjo
  • Mark Morris: percussion
  • Charlie McCoy: harmonica, bass
  • Ray Edenton: rhythm guitar
  • Cover design: Bill Barnes
  • Cover photo: Al Clayton

Track listing:

  1. Opening Dialogue – Johnny Cash
  2. Paul Revere – Johnny Cash, Glenn D. Tubb
  3. Begin West Movement – Johnny Cash
  4. The Road to Kaintuck – Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash
  5. To the Shining Mountains – Johnny Cash
  6. The Battle of New Orleans – Jimmie Driftwood
  7. Southwestward – Johnny Cash
  8. Remember the Alamo – Jane Bowers
  9. Opening the West – Johnny Cash
  10. Lorena – Charles Williams
  11. The Gettysburg Address – Abraham Lincoln
  12. The West – Johnny Cash
  13. Big Foot – Johnny Cash
  14. Like a Young Colt – Johnny Cash
  15. Mister Garfield – Ramblin’ Jack Elliott
  16. A Proud Land = Johnny Cash
  17. The Big Battle – Johnny Cash
  18. On Wheels and Wings – Johnny Cash
  19. Come Take a Trip in My Airship = Johnny Cash
  20. Reaching for the Stars – Johnny Cash
  21. These Are My People – Johnny Cash

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