In July 1967.

In July 1967, “Motown” label released “Reach Out”, the sixth Four Tops album. It was recorded 1966 – 1967 at “Hitsville Studio A”, and was produced by Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, Smokey Robinson and Clarence Paul.


  • Levi Stubbs: lead vocals
  • Abdul “Duke” Fakir, Renaldo “Obie” Benson, Lawrence Payton, The Andantes: background vocals
  • The Funk Brothers: instrumentation

Track listing:

  1. Reach Out I’ll Be There – Holland–Dozier–Holland
  2. Walk Away Renée – Bob Calilli, Michael Brown, Tony Sansone
  3. 7-Rooms of Gloom – Holland-Dozier-Holland
  4. If I Were a Carpenter – Tim Hardin
  5. Last Train to Clarksville – Tommy Boyce, Bobby Hart
  6. I’ll Turn to Stone – Holland-Dozier-Holland,  Dean Taylor
  7. I’m a Believer – Neil Diamond
  8. Standing in the Shadows of Love – Holland-Dozier-Holland
  9. Bernadette – Holland-Dozier-Holland
  10. Cherish – Terry Kirkman
  11. Wonderful Baby – Smokey Robinson
  12. What Else Is There to Do (But Think About You) – Stevie Wonder, Clarence Paul, Morris Broadnax



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