On June 6, 2011.

On June 6, 2011, “Xtra Mile” label released “England Keep My Bones”, the fourth Frank Turner album. It was recorded January-February 2011, at “Sound City Studios” in Los Angeles, California, and was produced by James Ford. The album’s title is taken from William Shakespeare’s play, “The Life and Death of King John”.


  • Frank Turner– lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica
  • Ben Lloyd– electric guitar, mandolin, vocals
  • Tarrant Anderson– bass guitar
  • Matt Nasir– piano, organ, keyboards, string arrangements, vocals
  • Nigel Powell– drums, percussion, mandolin, vocals
  • Franz Nicolay, Chris T-T– additional vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Frank Turner, except where noted.

  1. Eulogy
  2. Peggy Sang the Blues
  3. I Still Believe
  4. Rivers
  5. I Am Disappeared
  6. English Curse
  7. One Foot Before the Other
  8. If Ever I Stray – Frank Turner, Nigel Powell
  9. Wessex Boy – Frank Turner, Nigel Powell
  10. Nights Become Days
  11. Redemption
  12. Glory Hallelujah



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