In May 1990.

In May 1990, “Utility Records” label released “The Internationale”, the fifth Billy Brag studio album (seven tracks EP). It was recorded January–March 1990, at “Gateway Studios”, “Cathouse Studio” and “Pier House Studio”, and was produced by Grant Showbiz, Kenny Jones and Wiggy.


  • Billy Bragg – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals
  • Cara Tivey– piano, vocals, shakuhachi
  • Lorraine Bowen– clarinet, soprano recorder, piano, accordion, organ
  • The Christie Tyler Cory Band –brass
  • Côr Cochion Caerdydd – vocals
  • Marc Duff –whistles
  • Jim Sutherland –bodhran, percussion
  • Dick Gaughan– vocals
  • Wiggy – bass guitar, vocals, compiled by
  • Charlie Llewellin – drum,cymbal
  • Grant Showbiz– vocals
  • David Bedford– arrangement, conducting
  • Charlie Llewellin –engineer
  • Derek Bolland – engineer
  • Peter Haigh – engineer
  • Step Parikian – engineer

Track listing:

  1. The Internationale – Pierre De Geyter,Billy Bragg
  2. I Dreamed I SawPhil Ochs Last Night – Earl Robinson, Billy Bragg
  3. The Marching Song of the Covert Battalions – Billy Bragg
  4. Blake’sJerusalem – William Blake, Hubert Parry
  5. Nicaragua Nicaraguita – Carlos Mejía Godoy
  6. The Red Flag – Jim Connell, traditional
  7. My Youngest Son Came Home Today – Eric Bogle

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